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Date: 2021-06-29
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(29 June 2021) The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society (HKACS) has set up an Emergency Relief Fund to support underprivileged cancer patients who are affected by the cease of normal function of Apple Daily Charitable Foundation with the provision of immediate medicine.

In view of the closure of Apple Daily, HKACS has approached the Apple Daily Charitable Foundation to understand the extent of impact of the affected cancer patients. HKACS urgently follows up on a majority of the cancer cases, amounting to an annual subsidy of over HK$5.5 million. We are grateful to receive support from some charitable foundations to commit on subsidising these patients for the cost of prescribed self-financed cancer drugs from the Hospital Authority in the coming year to ease their financial burden.

Uncle Wong, a 63-year-old leukemia patient recalled that he was worried about calling for a halt of treatment and he had no appetite to eat for a week. It is a big relief for him after receiving HKACS' call confirming that he can continue to receive the needed medicine with our financial support.

Affected cancer patients in need of the relief fund may contact us at 3921 3821. It is a long way to go through the cancer journey. We wish to have more charitable foundations to partner with us to tide cancer patients over the difficult time.