Volunteer Services

The volunteers of HKACS and JCCRC organise recreational activities, visits and support services regularly for cancer patients and their families to show their care. All volunteer services are supervised and led by full time staff. Volunteers must work together sincerely to achieve the goals of HKACS.

HKACS has been blessed to have a team of enthusiastic volunteers of different ages and backgrounds supporting various services we provided. A number of them were cancer survivors, or having relatives or friends suffered from cancer. We deeply appreciated their passion and dedications to enhance public's cancer awareness and to support cancer patients and their families in different stages. We also value cancer survivors' contributions to the volunteer services through which people can learn from their positive attitudes in fighting cancer.

Service Scope

Caring Services

  • Ward Visits (e.g. bedside visits and comfort)
  • Home Visits and Patient Support Group Activities (e.g. support meetings)
  • Comfort Calls (e.g. comfort from cancer comrades)
  • Personal Care (e.g. haircut services)
Recreational & Diversional Services

  • Festive Celebrations (e.g. Chinese New Year and Christmas Parties)
  • Outdoor Activities (e.g. outings)
  • Interest Classes (e.g. flower arrangement classes and handicraft classes)
Supporting Services

  • Assist in Cancer Education, Fundraising & Publicity Activities (e.g. Hong Kong Cancer Day)
  • Front Desk Services (e.g. reception, registration and answer inquiries)
  • Clerical Support (e.g. leaflet and poster design)

Volunteer Activities Highlights

Virtual Visits
Festive Celebrations
Art Therapy
Pastel Nagomi Art
Birthday Card Painting
Zen Painting
Relic Transformation
Happy Singing Gathering
Balloon Twisting Class
Flower Arrangement Class
Cooking Class
Yum Cha
Nostalgic Café
Hong Kong Cancer Day
Cancer Exhibition
Project Wish
Cancer Comrades Dinner

Register as HKACS Volunteer

If you are interested in joining the HKACS volunteer team, please download the following application form, complete and return it to The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society.
Volunteer Application Form

Volunteers Gathering 2022

The Volunteers Gathering was successfully held on 11 June 2022 with 26 volunteers participated. The aim of the gathering was to introduce and update the development of the voluntary work of HKACS. On the day of the event, we reviewed the various volunteer services provided last year and volunteers were willing to share their precious experience. In addition, we were appreciated having Mrs. Patricia Chu, our Chairman, to report on the future work of the Society.

Volunteer Award 2020

Volunteer Award ceremony 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19. A video was produced to appreciate the tremendous contributions from our volunteers in the past year. Sixty-five awards including Service Hours Awards and Special Awards namely Best Creativity, Best Fellow Carer, Wide-ranging Participation, and Striving for Excellence were presented to volunteers. Two new special awards namely; the Best Mentor and Outstanding Teamwork were introduced in 2020 to acknowledge volunteers’ dedication and contribution in these areas.

Volunteer Award 2020 Video