Cancer is the main cause of death in Hong Kong. Consistent with the global pattern, the number of new cancer cases in HK has been on the rising trend for over 30 years. Established in 1963, Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society is a non-profit making cancer organization with the longest history in Hong Kong. We aim at providing updated cancer information and pragmatic educational programs across the spectrum of Hong Kong communities, from the grass roots of the general public to professionals. Our strong team of professional medical & health experts, passionate cancer survivors and volunteers reach out to the community and has direct contact with the public in various channels such as the following:

Public Seminars & Exhibitions
We organize public seminars and exhibitions on different cancer topics regularly for the general public. Hopefully, our services can closely link to their needs and keep their abreast with the latest development on cancer issues through direct contact with the public.
Lung Cancer Awareness Month – The Prevention and Treatment of Lung Cancer Educational Talk (2023) Educational Talk on Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer (2023)
"Alcohol & Cancer Prevention Exhibition "at Telford Plaza (2019)
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Oncology Courses for Professionals
We have organized the integrated oncology course for health care professionals every year for decades since 1985. The course is popular with much credit received over the years.

International Symposium
We have taken the lead to organize international cancer symposium in Hong Kong. Symposium serves as an important bridge of communication for medical experts from different countries to update and share information regarding the hot topics on cancers.

International Symposium 2023

Education Materials
We produce and publish educational bookletsand tools so as to disseminate the cancer information towards patient groups, members of the public and front-line health workers for free. These materials are all written and endorsed by experienced medical and health professionals of the field. The content is based on scientific evidence and incorporated with local characteristics and elements to make it more suitable for our local readers.

Working with the Media
We share the relevant knowledge of cancer in articles and interviews with the public through media, such as newspaper, magazine, radio and television.

Answering General Enquiries
We promise that our nursing staff will handle your inquiries via email or telephone within 1-2 working days.