Jockey Club Cancer Survivorship Care Project

Cancer treatment is complicated. Most treatment is carried out on an outpatient setting. Patients are expected to care for themselves with the help of their families throughout the treatment and rehabilitation. Inevitably, cancers strain heavily on patients as well as their caregivers: emotionally, psychologically and financially. Some developed countries have already invested resources to provide family-based community cancer care for patients and caregivers. But in Hong Kong, little has been done for families affected by cancer in the community.

Cancer Journey is unpredictable:

In order to fill in this service gap, Jockey Club Cancer Survivorship Care Project (former name HKACS-Jockey Club “Walking Hand-in-Hand” Cancer Family Support Project) has been launched to provide outreach, proactive support to patients and their caregivers in the community.

Our registered nurses, social workers and cancer survivor volunteers provide proactive support to the patients and their caregivers through telephone counseling, tips on how to alleviate the side effects from treatment, food and nutrition, emotional support and physical rehabilitation, local support group meetings and outreach visits to help them out of the crisis. Services are free of charge. Please call us at 3921 3777 or click Here for more information of the Services.

Support to patients and caregivers are individualised: