Dear Friends,
My beloved wife Portia died of breast cancer in 2007. Notwithstanding her illness and early departure, my wife did enjoy a blessed life on earth and had the privilege of tremendous support and care from her family and friends in times of difficulties and trials. It is both her wish before her departure and mine that more care and support can be given to those less resourceful breast cancer patients to help them maintain a good quality of life with dignity during the trying period.

The Portia Cheung Breast Cancer Support Programme (the Programme) was established in March 2007 in memory of my beloved wife who died of breast cancer.

By December 2023, the Programme has donated more than HK$6.5 million to subsidise over 1030 needy breast cancer patients for undergoing PET-CT Scan and purchasing extra nourishment, breast prosthesis and drugs which currently are not funded by the Government or other sources.

As Government will not provide free PET-CT Scan service to needy patients for staging of cancer, the Programme has recently expanded its scope to also sponsor needy breast cancer patients in public hospitals to have timely PET-CT Scan service in private clinic ($7,600 each) so that they can receive the most appropriate treatment.

The donation to the Programme will be earmarked for direct subsidy to needy breast cancer patients, and every dollar received will be given direct to the patients WITHOUT any administrative costs.

The application procedure is very simple: needy cancer patients who receive treatment at any public hospital will receive the subsidy once they have obtained a referral(*) from a medical social worker at the hospital. Even though the subsidized amount to each patient is limited, it is hoped that through the Programme, needy patients can feel that they are not alone in the fight against cancer, and they can stay connected with the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society and the medical social worker to assist them on their other needs.

(* For the applications of the PET-CT Scan assistance, the patients have to obtain a referral from a Clinical Oncologist and pass a financial assessment by a medical social worker at the hospital.)

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